I Am One


A personal project that motivates me to photograph my son.

When I was pregnant with Ari, I was adamant that I wouldn't become 'one of those mums' who spent every waking minute catering to their tiny human. At the time, I couldn't think of anything worse than spending my days going from Mini Maestros, to Gymbaroo, to Baby Yoga. "The kid doesn't need any of this crap"! I'd say self-righteously, and to a large degree I still believe that the pressure we put on ourselves and our kids to fill up their time with all manner of structured activities is unhealthy and unnecessary. But one of the things that has surprised me about motherhood, is that a lot of these activities are actually really fun. If you're a parent, you're probably saying "well, no shit", but I before I had Ari I honestly thought that going to the park every week would be incredibly boring. But it's not, it's actually super interesting to watch your tiny human exploring the world and figuring things out. I still refuse to take him to Gymbaroo. But the park, I can handle.