Long Street Coffee: Rosie Video Series


The lovely women from Rosie Respect and I are currently working on an inspiring video series aimed at young ladies. A couple of weeks ago we got to chat to the incredible Jane from Long Street Coffee, a soon-to-be-open cafe in Richmond. What makes Long Street different from the plethora of cafes in our coffee-obsessed city? They plan to employ refugees in order to give them a chance to gain skills and experience that will hopefully lead to further employment, and also help them to make connections with other people in the community. What a wonderfully simple idea. We were all in tears as Jane recounted a story from the first pop-up cafe they ran last year at St Jerome's Laneway Festival. The two young refugees they had hired for the day turned up TWO HOURS early for their shift, to make sure they weren't late. TWO HOURS! I can't wait to see Long Street be huge success. 

Breeana DunbarComment