Mum's the word


When I was pregnant with Ari, one of the many (many, many) things that kept me up at night with fear and worry was the idea of losing my identity to motherhood. I was terrified, honestly terrified, that 'Bree' was slowly being replaced by a stranger, a woman named 'Mum'. In my mind, this woman had no time to be Bree, because she was busy being Mum to her tiny prison warden. In a vain effort to ward off Bree's inevitable demise, I even told Dave that under no circumstances was this baby to refer to me as 'Mum'. He would call me by my name, thankyouverymuch. 

I'm happy to report that Bree is still alive and kicking. For me, motherhood hasn't meant the loss of my identity. I still feel very much like myself, and although at the moment I have a lot less time that is just for me, it's ok, cause I get to hang out with this guy (see adorable picture below). Now, I read a lot of accounts like this during my pregnancy and I always thought 'BULLSHIT, lady! Of course you'd say that now that your tiny prison warden is here, but I'm sure you're rueing the day you became a Mummy!' And there are some days when the 'job' of motherhood is a drag. But mostly, as clichéd as it is, I'm happy to make sacrifices of myself and my time for this little guy. It won't be forever, I'll get myself and my time back, but right now I'm happy to be Mum.

Ari said 'Mum' a couple of days ago, his first word. He has no idea who or what he's referring to, but it makes me go a bit mushy every time I hear it.

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