A candid portrait session that can be tailored to families, newborns, and couples. This session is relaxed and fun, with the aim of getting some lovely natural images of you and your loved ones in a location special to you.

Please make sure that you fill in the questionnaire below to help me tailor your session to your needs and wishes.


What's included?


A candid, lifestyle portrait session of at least one hour for up to 5 people at a location of your choice. This session can be tailored to families, newborns, and couples. My portrait package is designed to be 'all-inclusive'. 

Pre-shoot phone consultation on location, wardrobe, shoot goals and so on.

A private online gallery for ordering fine art prints if desired, able to be shared with family members, online for one month. Gallery is delivered approximately 2 weeks post-shoot.

USB flash drive containing at least 30 jpeg images (photographer selected), professionally retouched in both colour and black and white, sized for printing (up to 8x12 inches), and for web-sharing.

A slideshow of session highlights to share with friends and family. 


what happens after the session?

Approximately 2 weeks after your session I will email you a link to your private online gallery of the final images from your session, and I will post out your USB flash drive containing your images in jpeg format. These images will be processed in colour and black and white, and will be sized for web and for printing up to 8x12 inches, so you can print and share to your heart's content. If you are after a beautiful, archival-quality print for you wall, please order through me. I work closely with a local fine art printer to ensure that every print that goes out to my clients is stunning and will last a lifetime. I also offer beautiful photobooks with archival, fine art paper. Click here to see my a la carte product pricing. Please note that I can't guarantee the quality or colour of prints that you order yourself.


  1. You should wear simple, classic clothes that you feel comfortable in. Lighter neutral colours, like off whites and greys, work well, particularly close to your face.
  2. Be aware that baggy or flowy clothes can make you look bigger than you are.
  3. Accentuate your best features and use clothing to minimise or hide parts of your body that you dislike. For example, it you don't like your upper arms, be sure to wear sleeves. 
  4. Have your family members dress in colours that compliment each other; not all the same colour, but not so different that you're clashing.
  5. Don't wear clothes with brand names, logos, wording, pictures, cartoons or graphics, because they tend to be very distracting.
  6. Avoid wearing red or other eye catching colours like neon green.
  7. Simple patterns like polka dots or stripes are fine. Anything more than that can be distracting.
  8. Use makeup to bring out your features, sometimes the camera can make people look a little washed out.
  9. I usually advise women to wear their hair down because if you wear it in a ponytail it can look like you have no hair from some angles.
  10. For more details on what to wear, along with some sample images, click on the button below.


  1. You should set aside two and a half hours for your session. We will shoot for just long enough to get a good variety of images, so hopefully we won't need this much time.
  2. If your session is outside (in a park, on the beach etc) is very important that you arrive on time, or even 10 minutes early. I typically conduct outdoor sessions at sunrise or sunset, when the light is the best, and if you are late it will mean that we may not enough time to get a good selection of images before the light either becomes unflattering or disappears. 
  3. If your session is outside, we will shoot in any type of weather except rain. In the case of rain, we will reschedule to the closest appropriate date.
  4. I like to catch candid moments. Sometimes those moments have to be 'set up', so I might ask you to think about something, or tell me a story, or whisper something to your partner and so on. Sometimes this will feel awkward but please trust me! 
  5. Know that almost everyone feels awkward in front of the camera. The best advice I can give is to try to relax and have a bit of fun. Try to keep in mind that for a little bit of awkwardness, you will get images that your family can enjoy for a lifetime.
  6. Please note that the final images I deliver to you will be selected by me. An important, dare I say essential, part of a photographer's work is to edit down the images from a session to the final, best images. I will take many images during the session, and while these images help me to create the final product by allowing me to test the light, exposure, poses, facial expressions and so on, they are not the final product themselves. It's very important to note that I don't release any images not included with the final set of images on your USB. They were neither created nor intended to be the final product, they have simply enabled me to work out issues that arose to ensure you get the quality images you receive.
  7. If you or your family become ill or have a genuine emergency, your retainer is transferable to another date. If I have to cancel the session due to illness, emergency, or extreme weather conditions making on-location photography unfeasible, you can choose between rescheduling the session or the return of all monies paid, including the retainer.
  8. Please note that travels fees apply for destinations further than 60kms round trip from Brunswick East, 3057. Each kilometre past this point is charged at $1.

Contact me here if you have any questions or concerns.


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