lori and tom GET HITCHED

I'm so excited to photograph your wedding guys! Yay! I put together this page to give you guys some information and to get some information from you to help make sure the photo-takin' runs smoothly. 


  1. My time from the beginning to the end of your day. I will be on duty to capture your day from start (girls getting ready) to finish (formalities are over and everyone has hit the dancefloor).
  2. A USB flash drive containing the final images from your day. I will hand pick the best images from your day and put them together so they tell your story. The USB will contain four versions of each image; high resolution colour and black and white, for printing, and low resolution colour and black and white, for online sharing. I deliver all the 'good' images from the day, and edit out any images that are technically faulty (blurry, incorrect camera settings and so on) and unflattering to the subject/s (blinks, funny faces and so on). We will probably end up with 500 or more good quality images. I'll deliver a sneak peek on two or three key images from your wedding the day after, and will deliver your USB six weeks later. 
  3. An online gallery hosted on my website for you to direct friends and family. I'll pick the absolute best images for this gallery, so there will probably be between 50-100 images.
  4. My assistance should you want to order an album, prints, thank-you cards and so on. I have a relationship with a pro lab and the quality is fantastic. Click here to see my a la carte product pricing. I'm happy pt give you an album at cost price though, because I've only just started offering them. An great album would set you back between $200-400.


  1. Harsh, middle-of-the-day sunlight can make photo-taking difficult, it's better if the ceremony takes place later in the day.
  2. If the ceremony is taking place outside, it's best if it happens under 'open shade', for example; under the shade of a tree. Open shade provides nice, even lighting that is much more flattering than direct sunlight.
  3. You might want to read this page of tips on getting great wedding photos.
  4. Make sure you nominate someone from Lori's side and someone from Tim's side to round up family members for the 'family formal' photos after the ceremony. 
  5. It's important that we discuss your timetable before the wedding, so that we can be sure to allot enough time for photos. 
  6. Take your time with the first kiss! That way I can get sure of getting a good shot.
  7. It's a good idea if I'm the first of the guests to be fed after the bridal party. That way I'll be finished right about the time that you're finished and I'll be less likely to miss photo opportunities.
  8. You might like to consider having an 'unplugged' ceremony. This means that during the ceremony, guests are asked to leave their cameras, iPhones, and iPads in their bags and just be present with you to bear witness to your marriage. This has a number of advantages;
    1. when you look up during the ceremony, you are able to see the faces of your loved ones, and not a sea of LCD screens. Similarly, when I turn to capture reaction shots of your guests, I can capture faces with real emotion on them, not faces obscured by iPhones.
    2. your guests are able to really 'be in the moment' with you, in a way they couldn't be if they were fiddling with their iPhones.
    3. there's no chance that a guest will step in front of my camera or let their flash go off to get a photo during key moments.

This is just something to consider, I totally understand if it would make you feel uncomfortable to tell guests not to take photos during the ceremony. Another alternative is to have your celebrant make a quick announcement at the beginning of the ceremony asking people to switch off their flashes and be mindful of giving your photographer a clear view during key moments. If you want to talk about this more, let me know.


  1. My style is more documentary and candid then formal and posed, but formal family portraits are of course important so we will make a plan to tackle these as efficiently as possible. Ditto with the bridal party photos, I plan on keeping these pretty simple with just a couple of posed group shots and some individuals so that the guys can get back to partying as soon as possible. If you want more than this, let me know.
  2. During the ceremony I want to be as discreet as possible. I don't want guests complaining about the horrible photographer who was blocking their view! This means, though, that the shots I can take during the ceremony will be somewhat limited in terms of angles. I will do my best!
  3. I give a discount of 10% off my quoted price to clients who allow me to use their images on my website/social media pages to promote myself to future clients. I'll include this discount on the invoice that I send you, and you can just let me know if you would prefer that I didn't use them.


This questionnaire will give me information to help plan your day. Click here to access it.