Hi there! I'm Bree.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be photographed for Radical Yes! We've chosen only the coolest women to take part, so you're in good company.

I'm sure that having your photograph taken is not among your favourite things to do, but I am pretty easy to work with and aim to make the process as painless as possible.

How will the sessions work?

By now we would have already been in touch with you to work out a date and time for your shoot. Please fill in the form below which will give me important information such as your address.

We are looking to get some lovely 'environmental portrait' style images of you to go along with your interview answers. The images and your answers will then be featured on the Radical Yes website journal, and social media pages. 

An 'environmental portrait' is an image that tells a story about the subject, giving us an insight into who they are. So we might be taking some photos of you as you perform some aspect of your job, or maybe we'll go for a walk around your neighbourhood, or we could go to your favourite cafe, and so on. We want to incorporate movement in the sessions, so this could be getting on your bike, going for a walk, or jumping on a tram. Have a think about the type of environmental portraits that might work for you (we can work it out on the day if you can't think of anything!)

Once the session is over, I will edit the images down to about 20 final images to present to Radical Yes. Radical Yes will probably use 3 to 5 images to go with your interview answers.

What's in it for you?

We want to make sure that our fabulous subjects are rewarded for taking part in these sessions. To say thanks, you will receive:

A Dropbox folder (or similar) containing approximately 20 jpeg images (photographer selected) from your session. Images will be professionally retouched and sized for printing (up to 8x12 inches), and sized for web-sharing. Images will be delivered approximately 3 weeks post-shoot.

You can use these images on your website and social media sites, or print them out for your mum! You just need to wait until your feature has been published on the Radical Yes website before using the images.

How to prepare for your session

I must apologise if some of these tips sound pedantic, obvious, or are not applicable to you. I have learnt, though, that it is always better to give every client these tips rather than risk having a client turn up unprepared.

  1. Try to have a good night's sleep and not drink the night before.
  2. Wear some makeup to bring out your features, the camera tends to wash people out slightly. If you plan to use the images professionally (on your website for example), you could even have your hair and makeup professionally done before your session.
  3. Bring a hairbrush. I generally advise women to wear their hair down or partly down. If you wear it in a ponytail it can look like you have no hair from some angles.
  4. Make sure you are looking generally 'well-groomed'. For example; pluck your eyebrows and have your roots done. 
  5. If you commonly wear both contacts and glasses, consider wearing contacts. This will mean that we don't have to deal with glare on your glasses. If you prefer to wear glasses, we will of course work around this.
  6. Have a think about whether there a part of your face or body that you generally dislike in photographs, and I will do my best to minimise this. Please don't be embarrassed to tell me, we all have these insecurities! For me it's my double chin and teeth that are too big for my face. If you're interested in learning how to minimise a double chin in photographs, have a look at this video by renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley. It changed my life.

Important information 

  1. The final images I deliver to Radical Yes (and you) will be selected by me. A very important, dare I say essential, part of a photographer's work is to edit down the images from a session to the final, best images. I will take many images during the session, and while these images help me to create the final product by allowing me to test the light, exposure, poses, facial expressions and so on, they are not the final product themselves. It's very important to note that I don't release any images not included with the final set of images in your Dropbox. They were neither created nor intended to be the final product, they have simply enabled me to work out issues that arose during your session.
  2. From these final images, Radical Yes will then choose the images that accompany your interview. They will probably choose 3 to 5 images. You can have a chat to the ladies at Radical Yes if you feel very strongly for or against any particular images.
  3. After the session, I'll email you a model release that you can sign online. This gives Radical Yes the right to use your images. I have a clause in my model releases that allows subjects to withdraw or place restrictions on their release, so don't worry that you're signing your rights away! With your permission, I may also use some of the images to promote recent work to potential clients. 

Contact me here if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting you!