Hi there! I'm Bree

I have been tasked with photographing your headshots and I'm looking forward to working with you. I'm sure that having your photograph taken is not among your favourite things to do, but I am pretty easy to work with and aim to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Book your time

Please click on this link to book in a time for your headshot on October 5th. If there is no time that suits you, please contact me here.

Important detail

  1. The headshots will take place in the conference room of your office. 
  2. I will select two headshots from each person's session. These images will be chosen according to my artistic and technical standards. 

How to prepare for your headshot

I must apologise if some of these tips sound pedantic, obvious, or are not applicable to you. I have learnt, though, that it is always better to give every client these tips rather than risk having a client turn up unprepared.

  1. Try to have a good night's sleep and not drink the night before.
  2. Iron you clothes. Little details like a cease in you shirt may not be noticeable in 'real-life', but become noticeable in a photograph.
  3. Ladies, wear a little bit of makeup to bring out your features. The camera tends to wash people out.
  4. Bring a hairbrush. I generally advise women to wear their hair down or partly down. If you wear it in a ponytail it can look like you have no hair from some angles.
  5. Make sure you are looking generally 'well-groomed'. For example, ladies; pluck your eyebrows, gents; make sure you are freshly shaven. 
  6. If you commonly wear both contacts and glasses, consider wearing contacts. This will mean that we don't have to deal with glare on your glasses. If you prefer to wear glasses, we will of course work around this.
  7. When choosing your outfit, have a think about the image you are wanting to portray and where the headshot will be used. Simple clothes tend to look more timeless. I don't mind if people wear something patterned, as long as the pattern is not outlandish or very distracting. Fitted clothing tends to look better as clothing that is baggy can make people look bigger than they are. Mid-tones tend to photograph better, and it's best to avoid all white or all black.
  8. Have a think about whether you have a favourite side to be photographed. If you're unsure, research has shown the left side of the face is generally perceived to be more attractive than the right side. People actually research this kind of thing, check it out here
  9. Have a think about whether there a part of your face or body that you generally dislike in photographs, and I will do my best to minimise this. Please don't be embarrassed to tell me, we all have these insecurities! For me it's my double chin and teeth that are too big for my face. If you're interested in learning how to minimise a double chin in photographs, have a look at this video by renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley. It changed my life.

Please contact me here if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting you.