Victorian women's trust shoot

Hi there! I'm Bree.

Thank you so much for your interest in being photographed for the Victorian Women's Trust. The Victorian Women's Trust is a wonderful non-profit organisation that focusses on gender equality and social justice, and the images we create during this shoot will be used on the Trust's website, annual report, social media accounts, and other promotional collateral to help them spread the word about the great things they do! We are looking to photograph a diverse range of people and encourage our volunteer models to bring along a friend or family member to be photographed with. Have a read through the information below and fill in the form at the bottom to register your interest. Please note that places are limited.

shoot details

Shoot date: Saturday 27th August

Shoot time: We will need 30 minutes to an hour of our models' time between 9am and 4pm

Shoot location: 201/360 Lygon Street, Brunswick East (make sure not to go to Lygon Street in Carlton). 360 Lygon Street crosses Victoria Street. Press 201# when you arrive. You should be able to find 2 hour parking on Lygon St, or all day parking in a side street. Trams routes 1 and 8 go past this address.

Photographer contact details: Contact me on 0406 698 957 if you have any trouble on the day of the shoot. 

the images

We are hoping to get a range of relaxed images of our volunteer models laughing and talking together, as well as a some individual portraits and other detail shots. We encourage our volunteer models to bring along someone to be photographed with (a friend, mum, dad, child/ren, partner etc) and as places are limited, we will be prioritising those who will be bringing someone else along. 

The images will then be used on the Victorian Women's Trust website, annual report, social media accounts, and printed promotional materials. I will also use some of the images in my online portfolio so that I can talk about the project and show recent work to potential clients. I will ask you to sign a model release on the day of the shoot so that the Trust are able to use the images.

Please note that there is a clause in this release that allows you to withdraw your consent at any time by writing to me, so if at anytime you change your mind about being involved in the project, you can let me know and we will not use your images.

What's in it for you?

To say thanks for participating in this shoot, you will receive:

A Dropbox folder (or similar) containing approximately 5 jpeg images (photographer selected) from the shoot, individually processed in both colour and black and white. Images will be sized for printing (up to 8x12 inches), and sized for web-sharing. Images will be delivered approximately 3 weeks post-shoot.

You can use these images on your website and social media pages, or print them out for your mum! You just need to wait until the Victorian Women's Trust's new website is live before using the images.

How to prepare for the shoot

  1. Try to have a good night's sleep and not drink the night before.
  2. Iron you clothes. Little details like a cease in your shirt may not be noticeable in 'real-life', but become noticeable in a photograph.
  3. If you like wearing makeup, this can be a good idea as a little bit will prevent the camera from washing you out. If you don’t wear usually makeup, don’t feel like you have to wear it for this shoot. We want you to feel comfortable no matter what :)
  4. Bring a hairbrush. If you have longish hair, I generally advise people to wear their hair down or partly down. If you wear it in a ponytail it can look like you have no hair from some angles.
  5. If you commonly wear both contacts and glasses, consider wearing contacts. This will mean that we don't have to deal with glare on your glasses. If you prefer to wear glasses, we will of course work around this.
  6. Simple clothes tend to look more timeless. Fitted clothing tends to look best. Mid-tones often photograph better, and it's best to avoid all white or all black (black and white together or with other colours is fine though).
  7. Please don't wear tops with brand names, logos, writing or drawings on them. Please wear a top that is a solid colour.  

register your interest

If you would like to be involved please fill in the form below to register your interest. Places are strictly limited so get in quick. We will get back to as soon as possible!

Name *
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Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Sorry to be nosey! We would like to ensure that we photograph a diverse range of ages.
Available Times *
Please tick the times that you are available on day. You can select more than one and I will confirm the time with you via email.

Contact me here if you have any questions or concerns.